Web Design

Physical business Digital business

A website gives your business a digital presence, a medium which is both economical for you, and simple for your customers. Along with websites, mobile apps are very popular with businesses who want to provide digital services to customers on the move. Many businesses also have a presence on social media. Most likely your business will use a combination. Whether you need a digital presence created from scratch, or want to expand and improve an existing one, Restart can do this for you.

So how does the process work? As a first step we can have a casual sit-down to discuss what your requirements are. Once we have clear objectives we can agree a plan consisting of one or more phases, where each phase will deliver certain parts of the overall functionality. This approach allows you to evaluate progress and give feedback so we are already improving the finished products.

When all functionality has been delivered, Restart can manage and maintain your digital content for you on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, you may prefer to manage the content directly yourself. In this case Restart can provide training as necessary.