Advertising through search engines generally operates on the Pay-Per-Click principle, where an advertiser can create an advert free of charge and is only charged when a user clicks on their ad. When submitting the advert, the advertiser will set one or more search phrases under which they want the ad to appear. They will also set an amount they are willing to pay for a click. The search engine uses this amount, along with the relevance of the advert content, to determine the placing of the advert in the paid results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid search results typically appear at the top or sides of the results page (shown here in orange), separated from the organic results for maximum visibility. They will consist of a link to the advertiser’s website along with some brief text.

Restart can manage PPC campaigns for businesses, including researching effective keywords and phrases, and monitoring click-through rates in order to maximize advert effectiveness.