Analytics Data

Once an analytics tool is enabled for a website or an app, it begins to gather information on users and their activity. This information is presented visually in charts and tables which can be tailored to what you are interested in. You will be able to see how users are finding your website – whether through a search engine, social media or by some other means. If through search, you can even see the search words they used.

You will be able to see where users are geographically located and what type of device, platform and browser they use. You will also be able to track how long a user visits your website or app for, what pages they visit and whether they return. This information can then be used to tailor the content to make it more attractive to potential customers, for example if many people are visiting your website using mobile devices you may want to ensure that your website displays correctly on smaller screen sizes.

Analytics Data

You may choose to define analytics goals – things that you want users to do, for example placing an order, sending an inquiry, signing up for a promotion etc. As users carry out these actions, you will be able to see what types of user behaviors tend to lead to a goal being met – for example you may notice that a higher proportion of users finding your business on social media tend to place an order. This might then prompt you to increase your social media presence.

Restart can set up analytics for your website or app and provide guidance to help you interpret the information, define goals and act on the resulting feedback.